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Salvaged boat ‘stolen’

Thursday 3 September 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Local


Salvaged boat ‘stolen’
Captain Moko Steven Kavana. Photo: KATRINA TANIRAU. 20090203 or 20090204

A well-known fisherman is disappointed that a boat he salvaged from the sea was collected by its ‘owner’ from his property without his permission.

Steven Kavana managed to salvage a boat while out at sea, but to his astonishment, the vessel went missing from his property this week.

Kavana, known to many as Captain Moko, went fishing last Tuesday and said a mile out from Avaavaroa, he noticed something floating.

When he got closer, he realised it was a boat, filled with water, but he said because the sea was calm, the boat managed to stay afloat.

He packed up his fishing gear and got close to the boat to empty some water out of it and save it.

Captain Moko said the boat kept filling up and it was a fair distance for him to get the boat to land, but he kept going.

He assumed the boat must have drifted from the island and belonged to a fisherman who may have got into trouble that weekend. He tied the boat up at Avana Harbour for a week where a member of their fishing club cleaned it and waited to see if anyone would claim it. No one turned up.

However, Captain Moko said, early this week, someone showed up and said the owner wanted to pick the boat up.

“That person should be paying me for rescuing the boat - it’s called a salvage law of the sea, he can claim his boat but has to pay for salvaging the boat.”

Captain Moko wanted the person claiming to be the boat owner to meet him first.

But, to his disappointment someone took the boat off his land earlier this week.

“It is like he stole the boat from me. I am asking him to come and see me,” he said.

Police confirmed that Captain Moko was at the station yesterday.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt could not comment or confirm if the salvaged boat was the same as the one reported to police in the weekend.

On Saturday, police received a report of a missing boat from Titikaveka.