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14 January 2021

New deadline for confidence workshop

Friday 6 April 2018 | Published in Local


The deadline to apply for the two-day confidence workshop beginning on April 18 has been extended past the original March 30 date, and is now next Friday.

Spearheaded by part-time Rarotonga residents and Co-Founders of Cream of the Crop Leaders Dan and Sioux Messinger, the workshop is aimed towards Cook Islands youth aged 15-25.

Youth from the outer islands are encouraged to apply to the workshop, which will be held at the Red Cross training room in Tupapa.

Although the workshop typically costs $2200, the opportunity is being fully gifted (no cost) for 16 Cook Islands youth.

Last year, Aitutaki’s Ararua College was gifted with the same workshop, much to the delight of principal Tracy Spiers.

“The development of confidence in my students was truly remarkable! Something that all people should do. Was great for myself as a school leader and was great for the students,” Spiers said.

Workshop participants will learn the tools of the trade to look confident, whatever the circumstances.

“Participants will begin by practicing mannerisms demonstrated by confident people, including confident body postures, voice patterns, and other confident non-verbal mannerisms,” Sioux Messinger said.

“Research shows that the tools in this workshop can boost mood, creativity, authenticity and the tendency to approach rather than avoid important challenges.”

View the research and more about this workshop by visiting ConfidentPowerfulYouth.com.

Applications are online at https://creamofthecropleaders.com/youth-empowerment-workshop; hard copies are also available at the Cook Islands’ Red Cross office.

Cook Islands’ youth, or their parents, are encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact Cream of the Crop Leaders at info@creamofthecropleaders.com.