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Muri road in for some major work

Friday 20 July 2018 | Published in Local


Muri road in for some major work
An artist's impression of how the road through Muri could look when upgraded and developed. 18071914

Concept master planning works to identify options for the development of Muri Village area have been completed, Infrastructure Cook Islands has announced.

The concept master planning options extend from the Avana Bridge to the Nautilus Resort in Muri and will be subject to community and wider consultations.

ICI engineer Gareth Clayton says the master plan aims to address transportation planning and road safety issues, as well as the future upgrading of the area’s streetscape, storm water drainage and treatment and pedestrian and cyclist facilities.

Parking issues will also be addressed and community and tourist areas planned, with the aim of improving access and amenities in Muri.

The plan will be coordinated with the proposed longer term development of Muri, and Clayton says ICI intends to undertake the first stage of the physical works to widen the existing road surface in the central Muri village, including removal of obstructions impacting on road safety within the existing road corridor.

However, the start date will depend on the outcome of the community consultations and landowner approvals.

“The work will provide improved traffic lane widths and sealed shoulders which will support road safety including pedestrian and cyclist use as well as improvements to drainage,” Clayton says.

“This first stage work will enable the second stage of the physical works at a later date which will implement the outcomes of the planning and community consultation on the proposed future development of Muri.”

The concept master planning options will serve as the basis for consultation with the community on the longer term development of Muri, as well as consultation on the first stage of the physical works, Clayton says.

“Further consultation is scheduled over the next two weeks and will include community leaders and key stakeholders as well as the private sector and general public.”

A public consultation meeting will be held at 5pm on Wednesday, July 25, at the Muri Community Hall.

“The physical construction works will be subject to and in conjunction with the programmes of other projects being undertaken in Muri including various utility works, the commissioning of the water supply ring main and potential wastewater collection, treatment and disposal,” says ICI secretary Ngametua Pokino.

“The renewal and improvement of roading in Muri, Rarotonga will provide robust and resilient roading assets which will assist with the continued social and economic growth of Rarotonga and the Cook Islands.”