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23 January 2021

Mad rush for helmets

Wednesday 29 July 2020 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in Local


Mad rush for helmets
William Taripo receives his helmet from Raromart owner Don Carlaw yesterday. 20072808

William Taripo was one of the first customers to receive his preordered motorcycle helmet from local store Raromart.

The shop received the shipment of Cook Islands certified safety headgear from China on Monday.

Yesterday they served the customers who had made preorders before opening sales to others.

Taripo, who ordered an extra-large sized helmet in April, said “it is a little bit tight but I’m sure it will be fine after I have used it a couple of times”.

“I like this helmet because of its sporty look and the design is great as well.”

He is urging others to visit Raromart and other outlets before the helmet rule comes into force on Saturday. Those without a helmet will get an instant fine of $250.

Raromart owner Don Carlaw said they have about 300 helmets left from 800 they ordered from a Chinese manufacturer.

Carlaw said their staff had been busy the whole day on Tuesday trying to sort out the preorders.

He urged all customers to try on the helmet before purchasing it.