Hiker rescued from Needle

Thursday 20 September 2018 | Published in Local


A female tourist who broke her leg near the Needle was rescued by a police search and rescue team during a gruelling seven-hour ordeal on Tuesday night.

A police spokesman said help was sought before 4pm, but it wasn’t until well after 11pm that the injured woman was brought safely down to the landing area at Wigmore’s Waterfall.

“It was a long and precarious task, considering the location near the Needle, the tricky and narrow way down the track, the weight of the painfully-injured woman, wet and windy conditions in the dark, and the eight police officers negotiating the way.”

Praising the team for their work in getting the woman back to safety, the spokesman said the incident was a timely reminder for anyone considering the cross-island trek to carefully consider the conditions and their ability to handle the challenging mountain terrain.