Divers rescue out-of-breath swimmer at Boiler

Tuesday 5 May 2015 | Published in Local


Local divers rescued a visitor to the island who ran short of breath while swimming out to the Boiler over the weekend.

Police received a call on Friday afternoon alerting them to a 47 year old swimmer who appeared to be getting into difficulties.

Fortunately for both the man and police, nearby divers were able to retrieve the man and safely return him to shore.

Police received a complaint of attempted burglary after an employee at a local bar and restaurant discovered a sleeping intruder on the premises early on Saturday morning.

An intoxicated woman who was discovered sleeping in front of the bar admitted to committing burglary. She was released from police custody and will appear in court on Thursday, May 7.

Though no serious vehicle accidents were reported over the weekend, a complaint was received on Saturday afternoon after a van drove into a hedge in Tupapa.

The 38 year old male driver and his passenger were still on the scene when police arrived.

After undergoing a breath test at the police station the driver was arrested for exceeding the alcohol limit. He will appear in court on Thursday, May 7. Police responded to a domestic abuse callout early on Saturday morning after the victim reported being assaulted by a drunken relative.

The victim received a bruise to her forehead and the alleged perpetrator is yet to be located.

The matter is still under investigation and charges will be laid, a police spokesman says.

Police were also called to a tourist accommodation complex in Aroa on Sunday morning when employees lost sight of a couple who had decided to go kayaking in spite of the rough water conditions.

After struggling in the water for half an hour after their craft overturned, the couple managed to return to shore with only cuts and grazes.

Police took them to hospital for a check and they were later discharged.