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Cyclone Martin book website goes live

Monday 18 May 2015 | Published in Local


Cyclone Martin book website goes live
As of yesterday, Matini: The story of Cyclone Martin, a book about how Cyclone Martin impacted Manihiki, has a website.

A website has been launched to publicise, promote, and pre-sell a book about Cyclone Martin, the most tragic cyclone to hit the Cook Islands in recorded history.

The site (www.matinibook.com) went live yesterday.

It features a 15-page excerpt, descriptions of the book project and author, endorsements from known and respected members of the Manihiki community, media coverage to date, and important updates.

The website also invites Manihiki people who did not participate in the project to record and share their stories.

“This was a charitable project, so the budget was limited and the timeframe, short,” the site says.

“[The author] used TV, radio, newspapers, social media, and the ever-reliable coconut wireless to reach as many people as she could within the allotted time. “She sat down with people in Auckland, Manihiki, and Rarotonga; interviewed people in Mangaia, Mitiaro, Palmerston, Thailand, Christchurch, Australia, Europe, and the United States over the phone; exchanged emails with someone on a boat in the middle of the sea. But time and space constraints precluded every story from being told.

“Some survivors remained out of reach; others decided too late that they wanted to talk.

“This section of the website is intended to be a living database, a place where Manihiki people can share memories, connect with one another, and record their stories for the sake of future generations.”

Matini: The story of Cyclone Martin represents a joint venture between Cook Islands News and the Cyclone Martin Charitable Trust, comprised of Manihiki people and Martin survivors. Proceeds from book sales will go not to the author but to Manihiki via the trust: as soon as Cook Islands News recoups its investment, proceeds will begin to benefit Manihiki.

Though books will not be available for pickup or delivery until after the ‘akatapuanga at the end of June, now you can reserve your copies online using a credit card. To pre-order with cash or cheque, visit the Cook Islands News office in Maraerenga.

Matini will be blessed at a ceremony on June 30, and a more public launch event is being planned for July 2. Cook Islands communities in Auckland and Wellington are organising launch events for mid-July. For updates or more information, visit the website or find Matini on Facebook.