Covid-19 surviving and thriving workshop

Thursday 23 April 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Local


Businesses are urged to have their employees be part of a Covid-19 stress free workshop organised by a Private Sector Taskforce.

Te Marae Ora will be conducting the surviving and thriving workshop tomorrow recognising that the business sector is a very important part of the community, that contributes to the country’s wellbeing – both economically and socially.

Clinical psychologist Dr Evangelene Daniela-Wong says the ministry recognises that the Covid-19 pandemic has created not just fear over one’s own health, but significant economic concerns.

Dr Daniela-Wong said alongside every economic downturn there is an increase in stress, distress and mental health issues.

“We can see the warning signs on the horizon for mental health issues – so we are working to prepare our people for this, and to be strong and protected during these times,” she said.

Discover Marine and Wildlife Centre, Stephenie Jansen though she won’t be part of the workshop this week, commended the government for recognising that this is such an important issue that needs to be addressed.

She said being a being a single mum and starting her own business she learnt to be extremely resilient.

“I think that it is a tremendous idea though and that many will find great value in being involved. Big ups for the government,” she said.

Dr Daniela-Wongsaid these workshops focus on building resilience for both employers and employees.

“By creating a space to stop, pause, reflect on what is of value, we can recognise what is important to us. By creating a space to pause and reflect, we are better able to look at the information at hand and make informed decisions about our own future – either as an employer or employee,” she said.

She says that by creating a space to reflect: “we can upskill, repurpose, re-plan and think about the short-term deviations we are making on the long-term journeys we have.”

Dr Daniela-Wong said the workshop is also about creating to learning some psychological technical skills to manage anxiety, stress, problems solving, strategic thinking, leadership and conscious purposeful reimaging.

She said that due to social distancing they are limited in size, however the ministry will be repeating them regularly.

And for employers – the workshops are at fixed times as outlined by the private sector task force.

For the employee’s workshops – they are asking businesses to invite them, to run these workshops with their employees, at times and locations that suit them.

“Come with an open mind – this is not going to save your business, but it will give you some skills to be able to make informed, timely, and clear decisions that align to your values, purpose and identity, and hopefully uphold your mana whether you be an employer or an employee in this process,” she added.

*Anyone who wants to register can do this via email on:

Those companies looking to register their employees can do so via this email.