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14 January 2021

Burst pipe causes water shutdown

Monday 23 April 2018 | Published in Local


A burst water pipe in Rutaki forced the shut-down of the old water main on Wednesday evening.

Director of the Water, Waste, and Sanitation Unit of the Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Islands (WATSAN) Jaime Short says that it is possible a connection to the old main was not identified during commissioning of the new ring main, which is a part of Te Mato Vai works. Short says WATSAN “predicted from the outset” of Te Mato Vai project there would be “unknown connections” still getting their water supply from the old ring main. She says this is due the fact that there are missing records from before the installation of the new pipeline. “ICI will be following up.”

Meanwhile all homes connected to the back road main between Te Puna and Akapuao were without water after on Thursday after an “incident” forced a shut-off.

Short apologised to residents for the lack of water and the delayed repair of the line.