Tama Tuavera: Water petition and Standing Orders

Saturday 10 October 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Letters to the Editor


For the prime minister to publicly attack two well-meaning non-political citizens who have been exercising their constitutional rights along with over 1000 others, is not on and is very spiteful.

PM Mark Brown’s behaviour is unbecoming and he’s showing real bias towards a couple who returned to the Cook Islands over 10 years ago, set up a business and started a family. And having achieved all this, somehow the PM thinks they’ve been here only five minutes and don’t have the right to speak out. Judging people like this is really poor behaviour and not something we expect of the prime minister of this country.

I would like to remind the PM of our democratic rights under our Constitution, because he really seems to have forgotten about that. People can challenge and question the government. Like Justine Flanagan and Andy Kirkwood have. What we don’t expect is for the prime minister to turn around and insult this couple and the 1433 taxpayers they represent.

It is sad that PM Brown is also in denial over the actions of the Parliament Speaker. She made wrong decisions, and really should accept her mistakes and do an action replay of the Anti-Chemical Treatment Te Vai Ora Maori petition that Justine and Andy organised – let the petition go to select committee as it should have in the first place

Tama Tuavera.

Democratic Party MP