John M Scott: Dismissing spirited people’s effort

Friday 9 October 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Letters to the Editor


PM Mark Brown denounces Ms Flanagan and Mr Kirkwood and their demands that the Speaker resign disgraceful and that they are driven by a political and personal agenda.

He also levelled a criticism one frequently hears here namely that they have only been here five minutes completely forgetting they represent over 1400 voters so that is a meaningless criticism but does not say much if that is the contemptuous way he greets a returning Cook Islander when returnees is something the CIP Government is supposed to be encouraging.

Cook Islanders should therefore be warned that should they up stakes and relocate they should be prepared to toe the CIP line or expect to be abused.

I liken this stupid outburst from the new Prime Minister as coming into the same category of his threat to the banks that they do things his way or he would legislate to make them. Unquestioned obedience and compliance are becoming a disturbing hallmark of the CIP brand of administration.

In so far as his five minutes dismissal of these two public spirited people’s effort and their complaint about the proceedings in Parliament and the undemocratic rejection of that Petition he should be aware that I have been here 60 years, 12 of them close to all the action, and I agree entirely with the grounds for their complaint.

I have during those years alternated my support between the CIP and the Demos so don’t accuse me of a political agenda.

My agenda is to endeavour to have this place function democratically but all I see is it sliding more and more into the morass of autocracy, latent corruption, cronyism, lies, nepotism, breaches of the Constitution and parliamentary procedure and nasty vindictiveness again displayed for us by Brown on TV Thursday night.

John M Scott