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Going the whole way with anti-Sunday flights

Tuesday 14 April 2015 | Published in Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor, The Aitutaki anti-Sunday flights crowd are finally going to have their day in the sun, but are they going far enough?

They say the Sabbath is sacred, so they must mean that the unnecessary transport of people by plane on the Sabbath must be banned. It must follow that all unnecessary transport of people must be banned.

The only transport of people that can possibly be necessary on the sacred day is transport from home to church. All other transport must be banned.

That means no scooter trips to the store, but of course how can a store be trading on a sacred day? Didn't Jesus drive the money lenders from the temple? So, no transport except to church and back, no stores open. High on the list of things to be banned on the sacred day is of course alcohol, tobacco, junk food and all else that defiles the human body that we all know is the temple of God.

Getting drunk and bashing the wife and kids? Banned. And what about entertainment on the sacred day?Violent videos after church? Banned. The only acceptable entertainment on the Sabbath must be Christian radio and Christian videos. But wait, where will the electricity come from? Are we to run diesel generators that pollute God's creation on His Holy Day? Come on Prime Minister, when that petition gets typed up, let’s do it right or let's don't do it at all. Finally,

unless government wants to end up in Court being challenged on the Constitutional right of freedom of religion, that petition better include the Saturday Sabbath as well as the Sunday Sabbath.

Get it right

(Name and address supplied)