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Jean Mason: All brains, young or old, are vulnerable

Tuesday 26 May 2020 | Written by Legacy Author | Published in Letters to the Editor


Jean Mason: All brains, young or old, are vulnerable

Dear editor, Once in a while you have to put your trust in your MPs to do the right thing –this is why we voted for them.

They represent our interests in the house of Parliament so it is unnecessary for them to have to keep going back to the voters to get their opinion on every matter. On this occasion Parliament has done the right thing.

Your brain controls all the functions of your body so spending $80-$120 for a helmet is nothing, to preserve it!


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Imagine a life in a wheelchair, where your every need has to be taken care of by someone else. It is not worth it.

Moana Moeka’a and his anti-helmet movement need to get with the times. There’s more traffic on our roads now than ever before, yet the roads have remained in their poor condition.

Until you have fallen off a bike at any speed (through no fault of your own), having a helmet is definitely a safe bet, it doesn’t matter how old you are.

Everyone’s brain is made of the same soft material.

Jean Mason