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Thursday 16 February 2023 | Written by CI News Staff | Published in Sports, Triathlon


Triathlon gears up for ‘next big event’
Kids Triathlon event will be held on Saturday, February 25. CITAI/23021531

The Cook Islands Triathlon Association Inc. (CITAI) is gearing up for its next big event after holding a successful Annual BSP Team Triathlon event on Saturday. On Saturday, February 25, the association will hold its annual Paradise Supplies Kids Triathlon at Tikioki Tri Site.

The event will feature 100 metre swim, 3-kilometre bike and 1km run for 9 years and under, 200m swim, 5km bike and 2km run for 10-12 years and 200m swim, 5km bike and 2km run for 13 to 16 years.

Cook Islands Triathlon president Roland Neururer said: “This is free to enter and is aimed at children who can swim, bike and run independently.”

“It is always a very popular event and full details can be found on the website Email entries to”

The season has just begun, and everyone is welcome to join the twice weekly training sessions building up to the main Air New Zealand Triathlon on May 6.  “You can have a goal to complete the whole triathlon, or share the load with teammates and have different people to swim, bike and run, the triathlon association will support your goals whatever they are.”

For all details of training and events, visit the Cook Islands Triathlon website

Meanwhile the overall winners at the Team Triathlon competition were 3 P’s made of Maya, Olivia and Edmund Postrzygacz. In the individual disciplines – Nemo, The Old Man and a Bottle of Wine (Seychelle Carter, Roland Neururer, Clay Haxton) managed the top prize.

CITAI were delighted for all the competitors who had an immensely fun afternoon, with some achieving personal best times and others competing in their first competition.  

Results (Team Triathlon)

Fastest splits all disciplines: Swim – 3:34 Maya Postrzygacz “3 Ps in a Squad”, Bike – 14:57 Jakub Postrzygacz „Lettuce Smoke You”, Run – 8:06 Maya Postrzygacz “3 Ps in a Squad”.

Fastest splits one discipline: Swim - 3:14 Seychelle Carter “Nemo, the Old Man and a Bottle of Wine”, Bike – 14:02  Roland Neururer/Jason Moorfield “Nemo…”/“Leethal Weapons”, Run –  8:14 Clay Haxton “Nemo, the Old Man and a Bottle of Wine.”