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Saturday 16 December 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Football, Sports


Clash of titans in football finale
Tupou Brogan, middle, will be officiating the senior women’s final between Puaikura FC and Matavera-Ngatangiia FC. CIFA MEDIA/23121550

Exciting matches are set to take place in the Cook Islands Football Association Knockout Cup finals today.

The CIFA Complex in Matavera will be buzzing with a unique blend of anticipation and excitement.

The finals will feature teams battling for titles in under-15 grade to the senior men’s and women’s divisions.

CIFA secretary general Allen Parker said: “This season has been a lengthy journey, yet abundant in triumph for everyone who has joined us on the field. Witnessing both seasoned players and fresh faces taking part in this year’s football season is a testament to the flourishing state of football in the Cook Islands.”

“This year’s season has been a monumental stride forward for our football community. We’ve skillfully leveraged every match as an opportunity to scout and select budding talents for our academies. Now, with our U10, U13, U15, and U18 academy categories, the year 2024 stands poised to be a grand display of our successful efforts to nurture and expand the sport of football in the Cook Islands.

“I extend my heartfelt wishes to all participants who will be stepping onto the field for tomorrow's final matches. All the best to all the teams, you've reached the finals - enjoy every moment with pride and honour.”

The day's proceedings will begin at 11:15am, with the Under 15 Boys’ final clash. The teams, Matavera-Ngatangiia FC and Avatiu FC, have been consistently impressive throughout the season, and they are set to bring their A-game to the finals. Both teams boast young stars who display a level of skill and passion for the game. This match promises to be a showcase of raw talent and youthful exuberance. The dedicated team of referees for this match, Penina Katuke, Teupoko Tuariki, Matilda Auua, and Lai Gukisuva, will ensure that the competition remains fair and intense.

Next up, at 12:15pm, the Under 15 Girls' teams from Tupapa Maraerenga FC and Titikaveka FC will face off in an eagerly anticipated match. These young women have shown their strengths in previous matches, and spectators can expect a display of skillful gameplay and teamwork. The match will be overseen by George George, Kataraina Piri, Kimberly, and Mata Iroa, who will ensure that the spirit and rules of the game are upheld.

As the day progresses, the stakes increase with the Under 18 Men's final between Avatiu FC and Nikao Sokattak FC at 1:15pm. This match signifies a step up in terms of age and experience, and the competition is expected to be fierce. Both teams have a blend of experience and raw talent, and this balance will no doubt lead to a captivating match. The referees, John Pareanga, Teariki Piri, Teina Savage, and Robert Sr, will have their eyes peeled, ensuring the game is played in a fair and sporting manner.

The excitement continues at 2:40pm with the Senior Women's final. Puaikura FC and Matavera-Ngatangiia FC will show spectators why women’s football is gaining momentum worldwide. Both teams have seasoned players who bring a blend of tactical acumen and physical prowess to the field. The match officials, Tupou Brogan, Kataraina Piri, Penina Katuke, and UA Savage, will ensure that the game is conducted in a fair and competitive manner.

The grand finale of the day will begin at 4:15pm, with the Premier Men's final between Puaikura FC and Tupapa Maraerenga FC. This match is the culmination of the day's events, showcasing some of Rarotonga's most experienced and skilled footballers. The pressure, the atmosphere, and the sheer skill on display will make this match an unforgettable spectacle. Rakesh Varman, John Parenga, George George, and Papa Lai will be the custodians of fair play, ensuring that the match is conducted in the spirit of the beautiful game.

Today's series of final matches at the CIFA Complex promises to be a feast for football lovers. So, gather your friends, don your team colours, and head over to the CIFA Complex for a day of breathtaking football action.

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