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Tuesday 7 May 2024 | Written by Solomone Taukei | Published in Netball, Sports


The Rarotonga Netball Club competition round 1 has concluded with exhilarating matches and surprising outcomes, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead. Teams across various age categories competed fiercely, showcasing their skills and determination on the court.

In the 6 and under category, Arorangi emerged as the dominant force, securing victories in all their matches and topping the points table with a perfect record. Avatiu and Ngatangiia followed closely behind, while Titikaveka faced challenges throughout the round.

The 8U division saw a tight competition between Arorangi and Avatiu, with both teams displaying impressive performances. Arorangi managed to maintain their lead, while Titikaveka and Takuvaine fought hard to secure their positions on the table. Tupapa trailed through the season.

Moving on to the 10U category, Arorangi continued their winning streak, showcasing exceptional teamwork and skill on the court. Despite facing tough competition, Ngatangiia and Takuvaine put up commendable performances, while Avatiu and Tupapa struggled to find their footing in the round.

In the 12U division, Takuvaine emerged as the standout team, demonstrating dominance with strong victories. Tupapa and Titikaveka also put up spirited performances, while Ngatangiia and Avatiu faced challenges throughout the round.

The 14U category witnessed intense battles, with Takuvaine and Arorangi leading the charge. Ngatangiia and Avatiu fought hard to stay in contention, while Titikaveka faced difficulties securing wins.

In the highly competitive 16U division, Arorangi showcased their prowess once again, dominating the round with impressive victories. Avatiu put up a strong fight, closely trailing behind Arorangi in the points table. Ngatangiia and Titikaveka displayed determination and resilience, while Tupapa and Takuvaine faced tough challenges.

In the Open 2 category, Arorangi maintained their lead with stellar performances, while Avatiu and Titikaveka battled for second place. Ngatangiia struggled to secure more than two wins, while Tupapa faced difficulties throughout the round.

In the Open 1 division, Titikaveka and Tupapa emerged as the top contenders, showcasing their skills and determination on the court. Arorangi and Ngatangiia fought hard to stay in contention, while Avatiu and Takuvaine faced challenges throughout the round.

In the Reserve category, Titikaveka and Tupapa displayed dominance, securing victories in their matches and leading the points table. Avatiu put up commendable performances, while Arorangi faced challenges in securing wins.

Finally, in the Premier division, Titikaveka and Avatiu emerged as the frontrunners, showcasing exceptional skill and determination. Takuvaine, Arorangi and Tupapa fought hard to stay in contention, while Ngatangiia faced challenges throughout the round.

Meanwhile netball enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the upcoming under-21 trials scheduled for later this month. These trials will serve as a platform for young talent to showcase their skills and vie for a spot on the national under-21 team, representing the Cook Islands at the Oceania Netball Under 21 World Cup Qualifiers in Rarotonga later in the year.