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Monday 2 October 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Athletics, Sports


Nutters Run attracts ‘crackpots’
Twenty-seven runners took part over the 9.1 kilometres, 14 males and 13 females. 23093027

On Tuesday the Nutters Run was held in perfect conditions with a dry track and low streams.

Twenty-seven runners took part over the 9.1 kilometres, 14 males and 13 females.

First across the line was Harley O'Hagan from New Zealand, in 57minutes 50 seconds, and first female Adrianna Skurosz crossing in fifth place overall, in 1h 1m 58s.

First local was Roland Neururer, in 1h 44s.

Unfortunately, four did not finish, after having got to the top, they couldn't find the track down to the finish, so they headed back to Wigmores.

Not knowing that they had gone back, a search party was sent out just before dark, covering both ends and trails.

Initially concerned as to where they had got to, they were relieved, along with family and friends, to find that they had safely walked out on their own and been picked up.

Still a good event and enjoyed by all participants, crazy as they are. 

Thanks goes out to sponsors: Capt Tamas; Akura Fishing Charters; Maire Nui Gardens & Cafe; Koka Lagoon Cruises, and Adventure Cook Islands

Placing Name Time Placement
1 Harley O'Hagan 00:57:50 1st Male
2 Dallas Wichman 00:59:33 2nd Male
3 Roland Neururer 01:00:44 3rd Male
4 Brendon Thomson 01:01:45
5 Adrianna Skurosz 01:01:58 1st Female
6 Maya Postrzygacz 01:02:43 2nd Female/1st Junior
7 Matt Wyatt 01:05:25
8 Brooke Ross 01:08:28 3rd Female
9 Olivia Postrzygacz 01:12:17 2nd junior
10 Cole Bamber 01:16:16 3rd junior
11 Joanna Sobocinska 01:16:32
12 Peter Mann 01:18:17
13 Maria Rolleston 01:20:18
14 Matthew Sund 01:22:30
15 Claire Wichman 01:24:08
16 Verity Halkett 01:24:09
17 Kiva Carr 01:32:12
18 Mike Carr 01:32:35
19 Mike Johnston 01:43:41
20 Andrea O'Hagan 01:55:06
21 Shantanu Kirtikar 02:58:24
22 Melanie Wilson 02:58:57
23 Jared Wilson 02:58:59
24 Liz Gibson DNF
25 Glenn Perkinson DNF
26 Sandy Smith DNF
27 Ann Mitchell DNF
28 Kevin Henderson 1:14:30 following day, track wet