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11 November 2022

Starlink set to enter Cooks market

Thursday 9 February 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Starlink set to enter Cooks market

Dear Editor, Regarding Starlink access into the Cook Islands, what is not confirmed in this article is who will be a local partner and it would be silly not to (Starlink set to enter Cook Islands broadband market, Cook Islands News, February 6).

For example, here are a number of questions I think that need to be answered:

1. Who will provide local customer troubleshooting?

2. Who will provide dish setup installation and ancillary equipment for those not technically minded?

3. What will be the setup costs and monthly fees?

4. Is first come first served still set in concrete (i.e. those who paid a deposit up front two years ago)?

5. Is a customer service setup locally or sourced out of its current locale, presumably the USA?

6. Given the special nature of island remoteness, i.e. Pa Enua north and south, how does Starlink propose to service these islands?

7. In setting up a local partnership will Starlink partner up with an established ISP (internet service provider) structure such as Vodafone or other?

8. If other? What does that mean?

9. Has Starlink sought BTIB (Business Trade Investment Board) approval and also registered the company with the Ministry of Justice?

10. Has Starlink set up a local FB (Facebook) page for locals to access and query apart from their customer services which according to other FB pages, has been problematic in returning queries, or support or assistance?

Te Tuhi Kelly


When Starlink access arrives, what happens to Manatua Cable – the one Government been boasting will provide fast and cheap internet for us? Will Vodafone continue to use Manatua Cable? Or abandon the ship and go with Starlink.

Don’t forget we still have loan from ADB that we’re paying off for the Cable. Don’t forget the Manatua Cable only service Aitutaki and Rarotonga but we’re all paying the loan. Starlink will be good for the rest of the Pa Enua, I think. Love to just see internet prices come down for us locals.

Aunty Sel Napa


This will be trouble for Vodafone, using a satellite to supply the internet doesn’t need a cable and all the islands can have fast internet. The question I have is how many people will have no job if Vodafone falls over. Just remember people, cheap price comes at a cost. Jobs for the community which Vodafone provides. Elon (Musk) is a ruthless businessman, the technology he can supply requires one person on the island to manage.

Setephano Steph Takai


Matavera resident Renall Vogel, who strongly objected the removal of toa trees from Apii Takitumu boundary, poses with the new Guardrail Fence which is being erected to safeguard both the civilians inside the fence, and the road users if any car crash happens. 23020309/23020615

Steel fence replaces toa trees

All those years with our ancestor’s trees planted there, the trees never moved if accidents happened. It’s (accidents) because of speeding. Doesn’t matter where on the island you put up fences accidents still going to happen.

Those trees were our ancestors guiding stance saying, we will shelter you from the storms, aere maru ua. Money that could’ve been spent elsewhere to help our elderly care instead we spend it on speedsters who have no care for themselves, let alone others. It’s a shame.

Ann Flanagan


Denouncing anti-gay laws

Would most Cook Islands voters expect a Member of Parliament to resign if they committed a crime?

Well, what about a sin? For the first time in 500 years the leaders of three major denominations have decreed it is a sin to have anti-gay laws in place.

Can we expect an immediate press release that on the first day of Parliament 2023 that the Crimes Bill will be amended? No, of course not, for most of our Parliamentarians are guilty not only of the sin of criminalising the gay life choice but of the sin of gross hypocrisy in almost everything they do, in public and in private.

(Name and address supplied)