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11 November 2022

Letter: Village voters

Tuesday 20 February 2024 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: Village voters

The letter to you by Te Tuhi Kelly a week or so ago about village voters not having the intellectual capacity to think, choose and vote the person they want to represent them is highly offensive and racist.

It shows the frame of mind of an arrogant, ignorant and wayward opinionated man.

Naturally his letter, as were his policies in his political forum, will never register with village voters because Te Tuhi revolves in a removed orbit. He can’t seem to make the connection that democracy in villages in the Cook Islands work very differently from his thinking. It is as basic as people voting according to their genealogical connections. So I suggest you find the connection buddy or continue to be irrelevant. He also does not seem to understand that all Maori voters in the Cook Islands are all village dwellers and their life dynamics are of village people.

Village Wiseguy

(Name and address supplied)

Editor’s note – Progressive Party of the Cook Islands leader Te Tuhi Kelly has been offered the right to reply.


Te Tuhi Kelly on 27/02/2024

Whomever wrote this piece is so bent they can't lay straight in bed at night if they tried. Our nation is riddled with the village choices dipping their dirty mitts into the public purse, this is your village democracy at work and you expect me not to write about this. Since Albert Henry was caught rorting the system, we have had decades of village favourites using the village democratic process to rort the system for their own selfish needs. What? You expect me not to write about this and you call me offensive and racist. Think again buddy. I went campaigning in my village of Nika’o and what do I get, “when was I putting on a kaikai, when was I going to hand out the cartons of chickens, when was I going to do this that and everything else that they wanted”. They could not get to grips with, the benefit comes after the hard work and not before. By perpetuating this village lifestyle, you and others like you, have created and continue to support a generational noose around the village. A nationwide welfare system that denies the very people who need help from reaching their potential by keeping them in a perpetual hand out, what is in it for me situation rather than promoting a hand up, that is not the connection for sustainability or resilience of our people. My final point goes back to the beginning of the anonymous writers opening comments that what I wrote was, “highly offensive and racist”, one cannot be offensive when the truth is evident in my response, in social media, in the local news media, in the court system and one cannot be racist to one’s own race, unless the letter writer thinks I’m a honky. I may look like a honky to some but my DNA tests out at 87.5% Polynesian, with a smattering of Scandinavian and Celtic.