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11 November 2022

Letter: Use of weed

Wednesday 21 February 2024 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: Use of weed

Dear Editor, There was an anonymous letter writer in your paper, who wrote in disdain about my "endless letters or propaganda to have the use of weed decriminalised in the Cook Islands".

I respect that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

But anonymous also wrote, "perhaps I might give some thought to relocating to somewhere that shares my negative opinions".

Basically, this was a thinly veiled way of telling me to go back to where I come from, that crosses the line into racist, xenophobic and bigoted epithets.

It also makes them a cowardly, racist and xenophobic bigot for not identifying themselves.

I'm disgusted that the Cook Islands News allows itself to be a platform for someone to rear their ugly head by spouting this racist, xenophobic and bigoted language in our society.

Steve Boggs