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11 November 2022

LETTER TO EDITOR: Sheraton ‘back road’ proposal

Thursday 16 March 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTER TO EDITOR: Sheraton ‘back road’ proposal

Dear Editor, So the pikika’a has started! The new MP for Titikaveka justifying the new back road behind the Sheraton hotel site, through Vaimaanga and linking with the main road further down on the other end of the village (CITV local news, 14th March 2023), because of future main road flooding due to sea level rise. But isn’t the real reason for putting in the new back road is because Chris Vaile wants access to the beach site in front of his new hotel development? The entire length of beach is covered with huge boulders as rock revetment (which were originally put in by Government exactly to stop sea level rise!). But close the road to the public anyway, and inconvenience them having to drive all that extra way around the back, and say it is for their own good. The new MP’s logic is similar to that which he used to rip out all those fantastic old Toa trees at Takitumu School, because they were a safety hazard, yeah right! (Name and address supplied)

Drink driving 

Well, the EBA testing have been recorded much higher in the past by Police officers but the public, lawyers and the media have always been against the campaign by Police on EBA testing. Reason being they were part of that system. It has been an effective measure of controlling alcohol outlets. I believe the highest reading the Police had in the past was around 1700-1800. Because of the target areas the Police focused upon, some people tried to evade persuasive measures within the highest order of the law enforcement not to be prosecuted. It worked.

Taruia Ringiao


Punanga Nui Market development 

Get the professionals to draft any new developments at the market. Don’t leave the market vendors been there for a long time out of the planning. Everything which will be updated should be fair and even to everyone selling and using that place. One rule for everyone. Don’t leave the ones out that brought the place up to where it is today. The place has been built for people to come and sell their products like veges, food and fruits, fish and others on Saturday mornings. Hopefully the plan is good for everyone who’s going to use the place. My own opinions.

Tua Rangi Mokotua


Football leadership dispute 

Autara Kuki Airani mai eaa e autara papa’a mai! (Cook Islands Football embroiled in leadership dispute following ‘dismissal’ of elected president, March 7, 2023) Rai iara te papa’a e autara nei teiea te Kuki Airani ? No atu rae e koai ta tatou Kuki Airani ka iki mai tuku ki runga ite Tao’onga Kare rae tetai pae tangata e ariki me Kare akatika I te reira tangata . Te kake atura te reira tangata ki runga ite teitei tikina iatu e tatou takatakai ia mai ki raro no te mea e tu natura ua no tatou e kare tatou e inangaro I tetai tangata Kuki Airani e akatere mai i rungao ia tatou . Ko tena to tatou maki piri mei muatangana mai e tae ua mai kia tatou i teia ra . Me ko teia to tatou vaerua ngari ake reira iki ia mai tetai Papa’a kia apai I tena taoonga ! Tuatau teia Kia tieni ake ana tatou i to tatou vaerua e kia turu tatou i tetai uatu Tamaiti Tamaine Kuki Airani kia riro mai ei akatere i tetai uatu taokotaianga Kuki Airani . Kare ra ite mea e ka tika tika ua te akatereanga no te mea e aronga ara pouroa oki tatou e tuatau rae tetai ka inga te reira tangata ki raro ko ta tatou turuturuanga ra iaia tauturu maata atu iaia ! Te karanga nei toku reo openga: E tamou mai to nana’i e tau’i i teia ra ei meitaki no te uki o a popo!

Kia Orana e Kia manuia!

Junior Marearai