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11 November 2022

LETTER TO EDITOR: Dog problem ‘getting out of hand’

Saturday 25 February 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTER TO EDITOR: Dog problem ‘getting out of hand’

Dear Editor, The animal welfare group and Dog Registration and Animal Control Committee (DRACC) who are looking at changing the Act and legislation relating to animal welfare are wasting their time and should leave it alone – karuke i te ture – it won’t do any good.

This dog de-sexing programme is obviously not working and hasn’t been for many years and is a waste of time. Since this programme started, we now have more dogs on the island than we have ever had, and these animal welfare people from overseas don’t even know our dogs.

Some people have more than two dogs at their home, they are breaking the law, will they be fined?

During my time as a Dog Ranger we had to put down wild dogs and dangerous dogs who attacked people, that was a way to control that population of dogs. Then people complained.

People seem to care more about the dogs than the humans who get attacked.

Once a dog tastes blood it will attack again.

This dog problem is getting out of hand.


Joe Ngatae

Former Dog Ranger

People’s negligence!

Poor dogs have to suffer because of some people’s negligence! (Authorities ramp up dog euthanasia on Rarotonga, February 23, 2023)

Everyone wants and loves puppies but as soon as they grow older, they just get neglected and forgotten forcing them to wander the roads and, unknowingly to themselves, causing trouble.

Then there’s us, ignorant humans, who are quick to jump to the conclusion of eradicating these poor, selfless animals instead of looking at our damn selves and think about the past stupid decisions made to have a puppy cause it’s cute at the time and not think about the lifelong responsibility it brings with it! Now your stupid and irresponsible past decision has come back to bite you and now it’s everyone’s problem!

Eitiare Enoka McBirney