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16 January 2021


Letter: Play your part in Covid battle

Monday 9 November 2020 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


The majority of people who are returning back to the Cooks are returning residents and they are coming via Auckland airport; we currently have no cases in Auckland.

Rather than bagging people or arguing on Facebook because that’s clearly not going to solve this decision and trying to execute the PM and his Cabinet, why don’t the people on the island do their part in ensuring Covid does not enter the Cooks.

I think it’s more up to those passengers and their families who are flying back home to be vigilant. They should ask themselves before heading back to Raro ‘Do I really want to be that person who takes Covid back to Raro?’.

There is a mandatory negative Covid-19 test and health screenings at Auckland airport that needs to be fulfilled prior to entering Raro but there’s nothing to say that Covid can’t be caught in planes or in the terminal or by staff.

PM is doing right from a ‘business’ approach rather than the ‘human factor’ and I get where everyone’s coming from. Our health system, our elderly people, we need to think about these things but also don’t forget about the economy and the livelihood of those who were in tourism. There are many avenues and things to think about here. Human factor in my opinion should always be priority, people’s well-being and survival is a priority too.

Why don’t the families of those people who are returning ask them to stay home for that two-week period? Why don’t we all play our part to ensure that this is happening. Rarotonga isn’t the biggest island and currently there is only one flight heading home every week.

Come together as one as we always do and play your part and think smart. If we can’t do that then keep complaining because I haven’t read any solution from all the comments I have read on Facebook.

Claudiana Glassie