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11 November 2022

Letter: Fake helmets raise concerns

Monday 25 March 2024 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: Fake helmets raise concerns
A 16-year-old female motorcyclist sustained a facial injury after colliding with a van on the main road at Nikao, Friday morning March 22, 2024. POLICE MEDIA/24032209

Dear Editor, The Police department’s response to the problem of fake German hats worn as crash helmets is pathetic and inexcusable (Teen injured in Nikao motorcycle collision, March 23).

To admit that there are too many of these fake helmets being used on the island and is beyond the ability of the police to sort out begs several questions.

  1. Aren’t these fake helmets illegal?
  2. When this problem started to appear on Rarotonga roads what did the police do to stop this from getting out of hand?
  3. How difficult is this problem if police start advertising now that they are illegal and dangerous, and those continuing to use them will be prosecuted or fined?  
  4. If as the police say, the legal ones have a safety stamp or sticker, how difficult is it to catch those persisting to use them, at road checks and anywhere on public roads, and find these persons?

The police should admit they have ‘dropped the ball’ on this issue and start fixing it – for the safety of our people especially, our young people!

Temu Okotai


graham roper on 25/03/2024

The questions raised should also include, Who authorised the importation of the Helmets in the first place. Concerns were raised when they first became available form many sectors , including the TMO, as not being fit for purpose. Let's also not forget the "German helmets' link to the 2nd World war durning which many Cook Islanders lost their lives both physically and emotionally. "Lest we forget". The helmet importation was undertaken by whom? What links to the Government did they have that allowed them to be sold in the Cook Islands? The blood of the injured is on their hands.