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Letter: ‘Failure of Govt to be fair to all’

Friday 10 May 2024 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: ‘Failure of Govt  to be fair to all’

The claim by Tupapa MP he has obtained an excavator for his village for those that voted him is a slap against the government that he represents as a Minister. Maggie said “So, I look after those who help me, I have to be fair with them and help them first.” Oh, really.

Let’s ask these questions. Did he “procure” this excavator directly from the Chinese Government? Or did Cabinet procure them from the Chinese as aid? I think the process is Government to Government not Chinese Government to MP Maggie.  So he’s telling a lie similar to a Trump lie?

He claims he has requested one on “behalf” of the DPM Albert Nicholas, who is also using the excavator Maggie got to help his “constituency” of Avatiu.

I take it Maggie made the request to the Chinese Government. But he did not. It has to be to his own Government? I take it (Prime Minister) Mark Brown, Albert Nicholas, Mac Mokoroa, Rose Brown and Tingika Elikana all said yes, you can make use of the excavator in your constituency, free of charge. Isn’t that against businesses who operate excavators to earn an income and pay taxes to the Government? Even more puzzling is why should the DPM get a Minister to request to Cabinet that included him as Deputy Prime Minister to
“procure” an excavator for him too and his constituency.

This is bizarre. It’s more like a PR exercise gone wrong by George Maggie who does not understand how Government works.

It also is a failure of Government to be fair to all.

In fact, this could be illegal. Is this a case of a Minister abusing due process for his own benefit? What we have here is a Minister spinning lies to make himself look the hero to his voters and a Government under a cowardly Prime Minister allowing it to happen?

Same principle as the Robert Tapaitau saga. No guidance to rogue Ministers who thinks themselves entitled.


Eagle Eyed Voter

(Name and address supplied)