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Saturday 13 April 2024 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: CIFA credibility

As a parent of two young children playing soccer, I was appalled at what I saw on Facebook written by a CIFA staff by the name of Sammy Mataroa.

This person has no place at CIFA after what he has created online. It was a completely disgusting picture, showing a person swearing obscenities and vulgar language particularly aimed at other co-workers. You can read it for yourself, if it hasn’t been taken down. This sort of behaviour destroys the credibility of CIFA and it may cross their rules and their laws, whatever it’s called.

I read that CIFA has been doing ok in the overseas competitions but this sort of message will spoil everything.

I believe this misbehaviour and improper conduct by anyone in football should be dealt with as soon as possible and is bad for CIFA and I will speak to other parents and my club representative to do something about this person.

Disgruntled Parent

(Name and address supplied)

Sammy Mataroa replies – I’m writing in response to the letter that is discrediting me.

Assuming that personal content posted to my personal page (which I would like to see) is a target toward certain individual and ruining the credibility of CIFA has made it obvious of who is behind this and other letters. I know certain people don’t like me because of my reputation for high standards, accountability and my tendency to call out manipulation and corruption, and I guess this is their way of trying to manipulate and destroy others to hide their own agendas.

This letter appears to be motivated by personal vendettas rather than genuine concerns. I’m certain that the same individuals behind this letter are also responsible for previously spreading misinformation about CIFA staff in the Cook Islands Herald back in February. However, their attempts to undermine CIFA individuals are failing; as parents and public views toward CIFA are increasingly becoming very positive.

I want to say to the writer/s providing these regular public updates, spend less time trying to ruin the amazing people pushing for progress within CIFA. CIFA is no longer standing still, so be a team player, do what’s right and let the kids kick the ball. On another note, if you still insist on speaking with your club rep, please let them know I could do with some assistance within our academies area. There is a 100+ kids coming in weekly, I could do with some help to fill water igloos, daily laundry, slicing fruits and arranging snacks, picking and dropping off kids, so please, encourage them to come through and assist.

You all have a good day now, thank you.