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Saturday 13 April 2024 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letter: Brawl erupts in netball match

Dear Editor, Re: Ngatangiia versus Titikaveka premier grade incident involving players. Last weekend netball games started and what an exciting season it promises for all the clubs.

What concerns me very much is experiencing an incident involving two senior (young) players from both Titikaveka and Ngatangiia prems side. This unbelievable incident broke out of control with fists exchange and verbal abuse using foul language between the two players.

My question as an observer and supporter for our netball games, how come this incident had escalated without the officials or umpires being involved? Beats me but what saddens me from view and talk on the day, the parent of one of the players who was benched was provoked by the senior coach from the opposition team. This is called instigating and being selfish. We watched with disbelief and wonder how this behaviour impacted the children and families who were watching. This is some serious issue!

Could the umpires have controlled that game? Maybe or maybe not but what my worry is how safe is netball game going to be? Do we condone and let these two players carry on playing? Well in my opinion, they should be penalised, like we do in other sports, and Netball Cook Islands should hand them a stand down period, two weeks or three weeks.

This is shameful and if Netball Cook Islands doesn’t act on this with a judiciary court hearing, then how do we treat the next incident because the blame shouldn’t be put on the players, the decision makers should be blamed. Stand them down for disciplinary actions. What are the top executives planning to do? We would like to know. Because what it seems this incident could have been controlled. Also penalise the instigator for escalating the problem between the parent and player, sad tikae teia Metua vaine. I must say for someone like this coach who have been there and done that, shame on her as a senior adult who thinks her image will take her anywhere better. Not close!

I am feeling for these two players and we need to hammer these attitudes down before someone else gets hurt. Stop violence in netball and let’s get on with the game. Officials, please control your game properly.

Thank you very much.

Toketoke Takitumu!

(Name and address supplied).

Netball Cook Islands president Ngere Puia-Fraser replies – Netball Cook Islands have spoken with the relevant parties involved. Both players have been reprimanded for their actions and their club executives have been advised accordingly. All club delegates have been notified on this matter.


graham roper on 15/04/2024

Why is it that assaults , in any form are not investigated by the Police? Or if they are, do the Police allow interference by officials to attempt to prevent Police and the judiciary to see the matter through? What are the names of the players involved so others are aware of their use of violence to get their own way?