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Legal recreational drug of choice

Monday 28 November 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Legal recreational drug of choice

Dear Editor, Perhaps you have a young cub reporter on staff who could work his or her way through the last five or so years of Cook Islands News and come up with a rough estimate of the percentage of newsprint reporting on the downside of our national acceptance of alcohol as our legal recreational drug of choice

This is the drug that gives us wife beatings, vehicle injury and death, millions of dollars in lost productivity, untold medical cost, brawls and stabbings outside night clubs, ruined lives, and ruined families.

The sad and disturbing news stories are endless. Also endless is Trevor Pitt for the Police warning us that the Police are about to get tough on drunks. Also endless are stories of JP’s giving convicted drink drivers lectures such as “Now this is your third conviction for drink driving while disqualified for drink driving and the next time you better watch out; this Court might lock you up for a few days”.

There are much less harmful recreational drugs, including cannabis and ‘magic’ mushrooms. Jurisdictions right around the globe are decriminalising these two substances, making billions in tax revenue and decreasing misery.

We can hear the pulpit hypocrites reacting to the very mention of legalisation with hell and brimstone of a Sunday morning. The same hypocrites that do little or nothing to stem the unmeasurable harm of alcohol abuse among their own flock.

We can imagine the alarm of the retailers of booze to the threat of losing market share. And the answer to that legitimate concern is simple. Give the two main liquor importers the only two retail licenses for weed and mushrooms. What a sense of freedom for the consumer; one-stop shop for recreational drugs.

(Name and address supplied)

Stolen watermelons

For those who are saying “sharing is caring, or it’s just a watermelon” don’t understand that this family would’ve been happy to give it if you asked first (Facebook post prompts thieves to return stolen watermelons, November 25). A portion of all their fruits and veges are always shared amongst friends, family, neighbours, even people in need before they sell. The little boy holding the watermelon is 8 years old and his little brother behind him is six years old, both boys would’ve been happy to give you the fruits of their labour with a big smile on their face if you would’ve simply just asked first.

Malisa Karena


I think this person that raided the watermelon, if you like to do that, why not join the planter when he or she starts planting the watermelon. Then you can ask your share of watermelon when it is ready.

I wonder if you felt the shame when you raided the watermelon garden.

Lucky Rex Nicholls