LETTER: Citizen Against Corruption

Sunday 28 March 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


If the recent private prosecution against PM Mark Brown and former MP Henry Puna proves anything it is this; the ordinary citizen of this country has the freedom to seek recourse through the courts to address matters of concern regarding the government.

Especially when police consistently refuse to move on a valid complaint.

To further illustrate police failing to act, many will recall an MP being found guilty of electoral bribery and subsequently suspended from the then Puna-led cabinet.

The matter then became police responsibility to follow through with the bribery finding. But around eight years later, the public has yet to know the outcome of what police did, if anything.

PM Brown and Puna pontificated last week that the Citizen Against Corruption group which initiated the private prosecution should be ashamed of themselves for damaging the good name of this country. That’s misguided thinking.

What CAC did clearly shows the world is that we ordinary people of this country have the right to seek redress when we believe that there is corruption and wrong doing on the part of government officials. Even if those officials are a PM and a former PM. We have the right to seek answers and justice.

CAC needs to be commended for the bravery and conviction to carry this complex case through the court. The group dared to challenge the regime and the country’s two most senior politicians. That takes courage.

-Ordinary Joe