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11 November 2022

Bank burn-off . . . unhappy in the valley

Tuesday 21 February 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Bank burn-off . . . unhappy in the valley

Dear Editor, This weekend past a local bank had a burn-off in a residential area in Takuvaine. This is where the bank burn off sensitive printed documents and paper waste, among other things. Without consulting the neighbours, this burn-off went ahead resulting in plumes of acrid smoke hanging over the whole neighbourhood.

In a valley such as this, the air regurgitates, showing there was no thought process as to where the air pollution would go. Just logistically, Takuvaine was the closest place to dump their truck loads of rubbish.
The neighbours have had to suffer the whole weekend as this rubbish smouldered, making it hard to breathe.
Furthermore, the ash settled on our roofs then the rain came and washed it into our guttering and into our water tanks.
Really hoping this will not be an on-going occurrence as this smoke has left us with sore throats and headaches…

Puff puff …pass

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