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LETTERS: Sparking a challenging Kuki’s team

Monday 4 July 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: Sparking a challenging Kuki’s team

Dear Editor, we need to sell the vision to those Cook Islanders playing in the Kiwis and Kangaroos about potentially sparking a challenging Kukis team similar to what Tonga has done with MMT in international footy.

Our team that played in the weekend did well by putting their hands up and playing a tough team without much NRL experience ourselves. Yes, the score doesn’t reflect the start that we’d like before Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) but nevertheless respect and credit to the boys who played their hearts out.

But in all honesty, we need to be more enticing towards our big names such as Manu, Klokstad, Holmes, Rapana and Niukore to hopefully represent us in the near future (especially 2022 RLWC) which would be massive for the future of Kukis League. Thus, encouraging the next pool of talents to also want to represent Cook Islands in international league.

A team like the below could potentially bring a following now and in the long run.

1. C Nicoll-Klokstad, 2. V Holmes, 3. E Marsters, 4. J Manu, 5. J Rapana, 6. B Takairangi, 7. T Dargan, 8. D Moale, 9. R Ngatikaura, 10. X Willison, 11. TC Robati, 12. B Piakura, 13. M Niukore, J Tamou, T Moeroa, Z Tetevano, D Napa, M Makatoa, K Iro, S Marsters, A Gelling, P Petterson-Robati, R Rennie, A Teroi.

Roderick Rauti


How can the players be more competitive if you’ve got development and club players playing against men who train at an elite level? Of course, it wouldn’t compare.

The way our team performed against a top 8 team is more than what we expected and it shows we have the passion and skills to succeed but still need those key players from the Kiwis and Aussie side. Holmes and Manu can cause a big shift if they ever decide to play for the Cook Islands.

Natalie Greig-low


Mitiaro’s ‘Ant-man’ meets Aquaman

Unlike Kata’s typical very un-intelligent cartoon, I appreciate CF’s front-page article in Thursday 30 June, on Aquaman star Jason Momoa meeting Mitiaro marine biologist Anthony Vavia.

I commend the two for taking the opportunity to greet each other in that form common to all Maori. Especially when the circumstances for meeting concerns an asset, entity and a way of life shared by Maori within and around the Pacific- our ocean.

If this article can capture the interest of a few of the millions of fans following this celebrity (J Momoa) to realise the sad state of our oceans, what needs to be done and perhaps a way of doing it – then well done to Mitiaro’s ‘Ant-man’ and Aquaman super-hero duo.

Kia manuia

Ma'ine Wichman