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LETTERS: ‘Say your bit and hang up’

Saturday 28 May 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: ‘Say your bit and hang up’

Dear Editor, that Prime Minister Brown needs to say to China’s foreign minister by phone is simple – “When there is proof from the highest international authorities that China’s cultural genocide of the Uyghur indigenous people has ended, and they have had their lives and property restored, we’ll continue this phone call. Good bye.”

The PM plans to play China off of New Zealand, Australia, the USA. Give us what we want, and we’ll tell China to bugger off. Really want to get boatloads of stuff? Recognise Taiwan. Has the PM forgotten the documentary evidence that Cook Islands share significant DNA with indigenous Taiwanese?

The USA finally has a president with the nerve to say it will defend Taiwan.

Get on the bandwagon PM. If China is wiping out its own indigenous peoples, what chance do we have? Just say your bit to Wang Yi and hang up.

(Name and address supplied)

I think that the Prime Minister is totally aware of the steps to take when it comes to dealing with China. He’s been selected to lead the country and I’m sure he wouldn’t put our nation in an awkward situation. I’m sure there will be discussions between the leaders, and there may be some hard decisions to make, but until then we won’t know what the outcome will be.

So I think the only role you and I can play right now, in my opinion, that is more powerful than fear, doubt, and uncertainty, is to pray for the Prime Minister of our nation, and hope the decision he makes is the best decision, and it’s not to harm, but to bless the nation and its citizens.

Jeff Ratu


Minimum wage

A lot of people really have no idea how the politics of today is actually played out. Our country is technically not run by our government alone. They are not allowed to spend more than they are granted. So seeing a minimum $12/hr pay rate in the Cooks would be nearly impossible at this given moment. How much of the money that is in the hands of the government is actually allocated to the people? The minimum pay rate is not calculated by the amount of money government owns, but by what the country as a whole can generate. I personally don’t see it even being possible in the next 10 years considering the way the economy is going there at the moment.

Cruz Robati