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LETTERS: Profitability of subsidised flights

Friday 1 April 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: Profitability of subsidised flights

Dear Editor, the profitability of these two routes (Sydney and Los Angeles) need to be reviewed (Plans to return subsidised Los Angeles, Sydney flights, Cook Islands News, March 29).

If it costs $12.9 million per annum for the subsidy, how much does it cost Air NZ to fly the route and how much do they make from the fares they charge for the routes, do they market the routes to maximise revenue potential.

I’m sure the visitor numbers from these two markets may justify the reason to subsidise but we should really see how airlines can generate revenue from flying these routes.

We could also explore the option of tendering this out and or inviting other airlines to submit bids to fly these routes.

We could also propose to cover all the marketing costs for these two routes if an airline is interested.

I think it’s time to explore all options.

William Numanga


These routes are offered to other airlines each time the subsidy contract with Air NZ is up for renewal, and so far, no other airlines have chosen to come on board.

I believe the LAX flight in particular is being shopped around at the moment. I have faith that our Tourism Board, our Tourism Corp, and MFEM are well versed and up to date on the cost vs benefit numbers for these flights.

Betsy Eisler


‘Humans created’ Raro’s dog problem

I feel for you and your situation right now (Visitor left injured after dog attack, Cook Islands News, March 29). This is not very good for the country. I’ve known dogs to roam the island freely either on land or in the water there in Rarotonga.

Dogs needs a good home, a caring owner with good education for owner. Government needs to provide support for animal welfare with the vet to help out.

Tini Fredrick


Made the mistake of walking late evening along that same stretch last time I was there ... certainly scared the life out of me when walking past a driveway and very aggressive dogs rushed out. Luckily was not actually attacked. Territorial sure but greater control and onus put back on owners will maybe save a serious incident. Not the animals’ fault that they are uncontrolled.

Gaylene Kennedy


Dogs will always pay the ultimate price for poor human behaviour. There is a dog problem on the island, but not all dogs are a problem. Humans have created this problem and continue adding to it by not desexing their dogs. To register a dog, it has to be desexed.

However, when a blind eye is knowingly turned to those who continue to be allowed to breed dogs for the barbaric act of eating or it’s a friend or family member whose dog is not desexed then there will always be a problem of stray unregistered dogs.

Sadly, for the dogs it’s a perpetuating cycle. Someone gets bit by one, another person can’t sleep at night due to barking and a dog runs out at a car and all of a sudden, all dogs must die regardless!

God sees all that happens to his creations.

Kris Higgins