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11 November 2022

LETTERS: ‘No undue delay’ – Justice

Tuesday 16 August 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: ‘No undue delay’ – Justice

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter to the editor published in the Cook Islands News, Saturday 13th August by an anonymous writer, and thank you for the opportunity to respond.

The Ministry of Justice will not normally comment on cases pending in court. The case in question is complex, involving multiple criminal charges, with multiple defendants and multiple lawyers. Our Judiciary is extremely qualified, independent, and very experienced in running the Court. This case has already appeared before our Judges at least five times since the criminal charges were filed by the Police in September 2021 as the Court monitors the parties’ readiness to proceed to trial. The case is set to appear before the Chief Justice again this week for another follow up. This is part of the normal process of court proceedings. There is no undue delay as the anonymous writer alleges. In the future, please refrain from publishing anonymous letters that impinge upon the Courts reputation.

Best regards,
Tamatoa Jonassen

Secretary of Justice

Soaring airfares

Air New Zealand back to its old games again, they’ve been ripping off the Cook Islands people since the international airport opened in the 70s. Then competition from other airlines moved in, undercutting them and they had no choice but to go with the competitors. Now they are back to their old games again until someone else comes around and undercut them again?

Apai Turoa


Air New Zealand too expensive, it’s just ridiculous! Like any other companies blame on Covid! I think Air New Zealand make more money from Cook Islands out of any other Pacific country. Prove me I’m wrong and show some facts … definitely need more competition. Period!

Vira Williams


It’s interesting that no-one has related the fare increases to the cost of fuel that has hit everyone worldwide. With flights that are less full is another issue. Airlines have to cover their costs too!

Borders were closed throughout the world, the Cooks especially vulnerable due to lack of available resources and location.

You may want to review airlines financial situations if you honestly think you’re being ‘robbed’. Let’s hope for your benefit that Qantas survive to keep their Jetstar company going. As for Air New Zealand these results show the level of losses ... (and similarly suffered by Qantas) –

Casa Baker