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LETTERS: International travel challenges

Wednesday 17 August 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: International travel challenges

Dear Editor, have just done the flight from Sydney via Auckland to Rarotonga and it was the worst time we have done this – a whole day wasted sitting at the airport.

(We did this) because of the love we have for the Cook Islands. We won’t be doing trip like that again, instead we will be waiting for direct flights.

If you are doing the stopover in Auckland between the hours of 5am and 1am put some spare clothes/towel in your carry-on bag.

The Strata Lounge which is located by the Qantas and Emirates lounges cost $75 per person, I know it’s a bit steep but they have somewhere to shower and freshen up, all you can eat breakfast/lunch/dinner sessions as well as drink all you like or just lounge around on comfortable couches till you’re ready to fly.

Unfortunately, the hours between 1am to 5am this is closed. The doors to the transfer do not open till 2am which mean get ready to sleep on the floor which aren’t the cleanest and pack some warm clothes for everyone as it’s pretty cold at that time of the night.

I hope this might help make things a little bit easier especially for young families.

Kia Orana.

George Marino


Air New Zealand is just as unreliable. We had a very short but special trip planned for July and lined up daily tours for our celebrations. Air NZ cancelled our flight home. Only option was to fly back two days early (we were only going for five in total!) or stay another three days. Some might think that’s awesome getting another three days but it was at our own expense and accommodation was pricey and sold out being school holidays. Nightmare.

Air NZ added so much unnecessary stress to what should have been an amazing trip! They absolutely refused to cover it and also so hard to get the extra night in peak times. We had to pick up the tab for that plus an extra day rental car and the only available flight was 11pm departure (with kids) landing in Auckland at 2.30am.

Lizzi van Arkel


I would love to know the whole true story about the Cooks and Air NZ relationship. There has to be something more to it than we have all been told. It just doesn’t make any sense for a country to be reliant on one major airline to bring tourism in.

Jason Webb


Covid-19 restrictions

I hope someone in government gets to see the comments here. The Cook Islands are losing loyal return visitors who are finding other tourism destinations due to Covid restrictions dropped by most countries. Wake up Cook Islands government before it’s too late. Or is it already?

Kate Taputunui O Iva


At the airport they are only checking the non-Cook Islands people, so what’s the point. When I went with my family in June from NZ, they only checked mine as I’m the non-Cook Islander but we all came from the same household. No consistency.

Cinnamon Tararo