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LETTERS: ‘Antivaxxers should thank the vaccinated’

Friday 22 April 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: ‘Antivaxxers should thank the vaccinated’

Dear Editor, from May 1st traveling is easier with the lifting of vaccination mandates, no thanks to antivaxxers complaining to the paper.

Antivaxxers have contributed nothing but derision to the success of our fight against the Covid virus. They have refused to vaccinate which is their choice but some have also refused the alternative which is to wear masks and social distance. The world could survive without vaccines if everyone followed the mask and isolation rules, but we don’t, therefore, vaccines follow.

Some antivaxxers constantly promoted better ways using vitamins and healthy eating and living, etc. Yet, they never offered any cure all elixir, bottles of kombucha to be immune proof.  They bullied themselves into shops where signs said ‘no mask no entry’ challenging teenage staff to kick them out for not wearing a mask. Their bolshie disregard for other people’s vulnerability is nothing to be proud of or thankful for. For all their anti-vax-ness, they didn’t turn down vaccinated dollars at their business.

The fact our highly vulnerable community has not had a hospitalisation after 4000 infections of Covid is due to the diligence of mask wearing, community caring, vaccinated citizens, who did the hard work so anti-vaxxers could roam around unaffected collecting the subsidies. They should be thanking us.

Covid free

(Name and address supplied)

Breadfruit revival

Great to see this initiative. Breadfruit is so easy to grow and a very useful plant. Leaves and fruit including a glue made from its sap are all useful things/products from this tree.

Here in Australia we are beginning to get more fruit available but am amazed at how scarce they are given they can easily be grown and that Australia is such a huge country with the climate in the Northern part so suitable to grow these. Taro locally grown here is shocking in price. They grow like weeds yet Fijian and Samoan Taro is 3 to 4 dollars cheaper per kilo to buy compared with the Aussie grown ones.

It does my head in as I have taro, tapioca, yams, pele/bele, pineapples, pulaka, citrus fruit trees, bananas and any tropical plants growing here at home. Good to see that this initiative is happening. God bless.

Frank Rex



Te Tuhi Kelly on 23/04/2022

I'll respond to each paragraph as follows. It's interesting that whomever wrote this article apart from being anonymous, is writing in ignorance. For a start those who were against the Pfizer vaccine are not antivaxers, they are anti a vaccine that is still in the testing phase with I might add the whole human race as guinea pigs till 2024. Yes they have refused to vaccinate against covid and they have every right under the Constitution of our country. As for not wearing a mask, mask wearing is problematic, because the type, the fit, and the use are not 100% safe for all. Isolation is an enabler of the virus because it prevents infection and boosting immunity, you're far better off getting exposure to boost your immunity. That is what we were told down through the decades, about basic immunity, exposure, reaction, immune response and then antibodies going about protecting us for ever. People not antivaxers, (you need to get that right) and alternative health people have advocated and been successful with health and wellness protection for centuries. There is no cure-all elixir just remedies, tinctures, health condiments etc that have been tried and some have been clinically successful others not although the mind does miraculous things directing the body to heal itself. As for their so called bolshie disregard for other people's vulnerability, this one size fits all vaccination programme disregarded peoples vulnerability because they had no detailed idea who was or was not vulnerable apart from conjecture and waiting for the data to be reported, recorded and analysed of adverse events and death and by then it was too late. WIthout targeted testing it was all hit and miss and so they adopted a one size fits all approach. No hospitalization is not about the vaccine or the so called antivaxers, it is about a programme of home isolation for those affected because the health system would not and could not cope and as for those who were supposed to benefit from wage subsidies, again you have no idea whatyou are talking about. All who were eligible to receive the wage subsidy and met the criteria were paid and there was no discrimination between vaxed and unvaxed, it was about people. The next time you write and bag people for making a stand, make sure you know what you are talking about rather than causing division when it does not exist except in the minds of the ignorant.