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LETTERS: ‘It’s time to come clean’

Wednesday 10 August 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Editorials, Opinion


LETTERS: ‘It’s time to come clean’

Dear Editor, Cook Islands News’ page 1 story on Monday, August 8 was on “call from To Tatou Vai to conserve water…”

Ok, I am sure people are caring enough to assist with this request, as we all need water for life. However, a couple of questions might be in order as well.

Didn’t this entire Rarotonga water rebuild originally start out at about $34 million? Then more or less doubled to some $60 million? Then the boss of MFEM (Ministry of Finance and Economic Management) assured us not that long ago that the $90 million price tag was always on the cards, so we should stop complaining, as they have it under control.

Now at about reported $120 million, not only is the project far from complete, but costs are continuing to escalate as new problems are encountered right around the island’s “new and improved” water system. So not only have the costs blown out to a ridiculous level from their starting point, but the tanks that are in place in the various intake areas don’t even hold enough water to satisfy demand. And please, no spin replies from government or the public saying that it needs to rain in order to fill those tanks … duhhh! It has been pouring off and on for the last few months, and it appears that those storage tanks have little to show for it.

There would appear to be more than a few answers that Government has to front up with … honestly!

(Name and address supplied)

‘Walking miracle’ George Maggie

In life we can change to lead a better life, George Maggie Angene has shown that (The ride of their lives, Cook Islands News, August 8). I admire his courage, his achievements and respect to himself and his family and his people.

There is no other like him, to spend time in prison and understand the choice he had made, and battle his demons to achieve a better life within Cook Islands governments, I am so proud of his achievement.

Monday Adam Marsters Poaiti


If there’s a miracle to be seen in a man’s life, he or she needs to just see you Papa Maggie. You are a walking miracle. Only God can change a man’s life as he did you. We love you Papa Maggie. If God is for you, who can be against him.

Tony Tikitau


The man who walks the talk and who are we to judge? He’s done more and better for his people unlike some people. The story should be reworded as – very notorious for helping his people and village out.

You go brother George. God bless always.

Moana Puiri