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Thursday 2 May 2024 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Fiji, National, Regional, Technology


Telco company launches money transfer service to Fiji
Vodafone Cook Islands staff registering Fijians for E-Moni transfer service at the Punanga Nui Market on Friday. VODAFONE COOK ISLANDS / 24042602

The launch of Vodafone Cook Islands’ E-Moni transfer service has been welcomed by many who frequently send money to Fiji.

The service was launched on Thursday last week through Vodafone’s E-Moni phone app. Money can be received through Vodafone Fiji’s M-Paisa app.

Vodafone Cook Islands commercial manager Lahaina Kiely says there’s a $5 transaction fee for any amount sent between $25 and $100, and a $10 transaction fee for any amount over $100.

Over 1000 people in the Cook Islands have registered with E-Moni service to date and about 10 per cent are Fijian nationals.

“E-Moni money transfer is not new. Existing customers have enjoyed the flexibility E-Moni offers with receiving money from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.”

Kiely said the launch on April 25 of the E-Moni to Fiji's M-Paisa money transfer service allows users to send money directly from the E-Moni app.

“It means customers could just top up their E-Moni account and send funds directly from the app to the receivers M-Paisa’s account in Fiji.”

Kiely said money transfers cannot be made from Fiji to Rarotonga. However, Vodafone is working on adding this functionality in the near future.

Cook Islands Fijian Community secretary Seta Batiratu said that they have been waiting for this initiative since the launch of E-Moni by Vodafone Cook Islands.

Batiratu said the new service is a welcome timesaver, eliminating the need to travel to town and use other, costly methods of sending money home.

“Most of us have been asking Vodafone the question as to when we are receiving this initiative especially when other money transfer companies are based only in Avarua and operates only on business hours,” Batiratu said.

“E-Moni saves us the travelling time and costs as now we can send money from where we are. Especially for emergencies back home, they don’t have to wait for our lunch hours to run down to town and send. Our people are pretty happy about this initiative.”

The new money transfer service was initiated by Vodafone Fiji, in partnership with mHITs Limited and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF).

This initiative is an expansion of the winning proposal submitted for the Pacific Islands Fintech Innovation Challenge hosted by UNCDF in Singapore in 2022. The objective of this service is to enable cross border remittances between the pacific islands through digital and mobile money platforms.

In a statement, head of Vodafone eCommerce and Digital Financial Services, Shailendra Prasad said: “Vodafone Cook Islands which is part of the ATH Group is the E-Moni platform provider in Cooks. Hence, it has been possible for the two entities to be able to collaborate to make this service available for both our customers.”

Cook Islands chief executive Phillip Henderson said: “Vodafone Cook Islands are thrilled to announce the launch of international mobile money transfer from the Cook Islands to Fiji via our E-Moni wallet directly into M-PAiSA wallet.”

“This innovative solution enables our customers to conveniently send money to their loved ones in Fiji. We are proud to introduce this service, further solidifying our dedication to providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our community.”

  • Losirene Lacanivalu

How It Works:

1. If you're already an E-Moni customer, you will need to update your app via App Store or Google Play.

2. Select Overseas Transfer and follow prompts on screen to make transfer in either NZD or FJD.


Sally Wyatt on 02/05/2024

This seems to be a great innovation for remittances and payments for lesser-served populations. Well done Vodafone.