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Wednesday 22 March 2023 | Written by Matthew Littlewood | Published in Culture, Local, National, Regional


Cook Islands to participate in 2024 Pacific Arts Festival
Tauranga Vananga Secretary Anthony Turua, who is the vice chairman of the FESTPAC Committee, attended the 36th Council of Pacific Arts and Culture meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii last week. 23032001

Tauranga Vananga (Ministry of Cultural Development) Secretary Anthony Turua attended the 36th Council of Pacific Arts and Culture (CPAC) and Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FESTPAC) Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii last week.

Turua, who is also the vice chairman of the FESTPAC committee, attended the meeting with representatives from other 27 member countries.

Discussions involved the preparation and logistics of the Pacific Arts Festival to be hosted from June 6 – 16, 2024 in Hawaii and to be tabled for endorsement by the Regional Cultural Ministers meeting in June 2023 in Fiji.

Turua said he was honoured to be invited by the Governor of Hawaii, Josh Green to witness the signing of the proclamation. The proclamation states that in the spirit of collaboration, Hawaii as the host agrees to work together with SPC (Pacific Community) and CPAC to ensure the 13th FESTPAC is organised in the best possible manner and takes place under the best possible conditions for the benefit of the Pacific people.

Turua also met with the Hawaiian Cook Islands Community and their coordinator William Numanga to update the community of the outcome of the FESTPAC meeting and to seek out their support during the festival and prior preparation. 

“We want out local Hawaiian Cook Islands Community to be part of our delegation to share with our young Cook Islanders our identity and our culture to make them feel who they are and where their roots come from,” said Turua.

With the launch of Hawaiian Airlines direct flight to the Cook Islands in May, “no doubt we will see more of our Hawaiian Cook Islands Community coming home to visit their families they haven’t met since the Covid,” Turua said.

The Pacific Arts Festival will be hosted at different venues with all delegations – estimated to be around 3000 – 5000 from 27 countries, fully accommodated and catered at the University of Hawaii. 

During the festival, delegations will be involved in performing arts, visual arts, applied arts and culinary arts. 

Vaka traditional voyage will also be a part of the festival, they will be berthed at Magic Island (Wa’a Voyaging and Navigation) close to Waikiki Beach and hosted by Kamehameha School. 

The cultural activities will be held at the stages at the University of Hawaii Manoa, Hawaii Convention Centre, Bishop Museum, Hawaii State Art Museum, Iolani Palace and the Pacific Cultural Centre.

With 14 months remaining to the festival, Tauranga Vananga will be forming a management team to look at the updated logistics for the festival preparation and to start the planning and recruitment processes.