Tawa Ngake district wins Kave Kave Fishing Comp in Pukapuka

Thursday 18 February 2021 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in National, Outer Islands


Tawa Ngake district wins Kave Kave Fishing Comp in Pukapuka
Willie Puiki, Maria Poila Marurai, Mawutu Pita and Jeremiah Yawea with the Pukapuka pakeke fishing tournament trophies. 21021704.

Tawa Ngake won the unique Kave Kave fishing event on the island of Pukapuka that took place last week.

For two days, the two districts of Tawa Ngake and Tawa Lalo competed to catch the most fish (the highest number caught wins) using a traditional island method.

Kiriano (Dash) Nio said: “This fishing competition is handline traditional methodology only called ‘pakeke’ in Wale.”

Over 40 aluminium boats with two to four men onboard each vessel took to the water on each day.

Tawa Ngake caught a total of 50 fish to win the overall trophy. Tawa Lalo counted 21 over the two days.

The fish weighed a total of 367kg in the two-day tournament. The heaviest tuna was landed by Angaino Atera and weighed 31kg.

Tearo Tinomana and Kuo Marurai tied for the most number of fish caught with six tuna each.


The winners received a trophy sponsored by Kirianu and Parau Nio, who are presently visiting the island.

The total fish catch has decreased slightly when compared to 73 that was caught last year.

Results: Tawa Lalo Day 1- 10, day 2 - 11, total of 21. Tawa Ngake Day 1 - 27, day 2 - 23 a total of 50. *Pukapuka has three villages - Ngake, Yato and Loto; the island divides into Tawa Lalo and Tawa Ngake.


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