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11 November 2022

Heed the warnings

Friday 16 February 2024 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Local, National, Weather


Heed the  warnings
Children enjoyed the rain and slashing at the Avarua harbor at Trader Jacks as there were high sea swells. LOSIRENE LACANIVALU / 24021521- 24021524

Police have been asked to conduct regular patrols at the harbours to remove youth swimming around the area, says Emergency Management Cook Islands director John Strickland.

Following yesterday’s warnings of heavy rain and rough seas with heavy swells due to the tropical depression, youths were spotted swimming around the harbour.

Secretary for Education Owen Lewis said parents bear the responsibility of ensuring their children’s safety during challenging times.

However, Lewis acknowledged that there are instances where our youth may not heed that advice.

“My views are probably shared by the majority in our community, and that it is unwise to expose oneself to danger amid adverse weather conditions.

“I personally would discourage engaging in such activities as jumping into high tides at Traders,” Lewis said.

“To the younger members of our community, please prioritise your well-being, and to the parents, please take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of our youth.”

Yesterday, police said they hoped common sense would prevail in any precautionary measures taken during the current weather conditions.

Police media officer Trevor Pitt said this included driving with extreme care and consideration, particularly in flooded areas where road surfaces might be hazardous. Additionally, he emphasised the risks of swimming in the harbours and coastal areas, which could face rough seas and heavy swells.

Police advised the public to stay safe and secure their property with adequate protection. They also recommended avoiding unnecessary driving, as heavier traffic volumes could pose additional risks.

“Stay alert to the weather advisory notices being issued by the weather office and EMCI.”