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Thursday 26 May 2022 | Written by Al Williams | Published in Local, National


Police start crackdown on speeding drivers
Police officers with speed guns. Photo: Al Williams/22033011

Police have stepped up their crackdown on motorists driving at high speed in the Reduced Speed Zone in Rarotonga.

On Monday, a high number of fines in the Reduced Speed Zone, covering the Muri strip were handed, police spokesman Trevor Pitt said. 

“While the full RSZ runs from Avana bridge to Parengaru, many drivers simply ignore the 30kph limit,” Pitt said.

Among the 17 fines issued by the Police Traffic team on Monday was a driver, who was clocked at 61kph. The driver was fined $250. 

“Speeding fines start at $100 for the first 10kph above the limit,” Pitt said.

“Motorists keep ignoring the Muri zone simply because they’ve not been discouraged by speeding penalties. They just might now that the Traffic team will continue their enforcement checks from time to time. All Reduced Speed Zone will be targeted at any time.”:

Other tickets on Monday included using a mobile device while driving, “another offense many continue to commit”, Pitt said.