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Thursday 16 November 2023 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Local, National, Outer Islands


MV Lady Moana fire investigation underway: Ministry of Transport
MV Lady Moana arrived at the Avatiu Port on Tuesday. MELINA ETCHES/ 23111513

An investigation into the fire that broke out onboard cargo vessel MV Lady Moana about 60 nautical miles off Penrhyn over a week ago is underway, says the Ministry of Transport.

The Taio Shipping vessel arrived in Rarotonga on Tuesday after delivering cargo to northern group islands of Penrhyn, Rakahanga and Manihiki.

Some of the cargos were destroyed in the fire, the island governments confirmed last week.

Secretary of Transport John Hosking told Cook Islands News on Tuesday that the Ministry became aware of the incident when it was reported to them on November 6, a day after the incident.

“The Ministry can confirm, there was a fire onboard and the fire had been contained by the crew. There were no injuries to the crew. In addition, there was damage to cargo,” Hosking said.

“The Ministry has opened a file on the incident and await the return of Lady Moana in due course for more information,” he said before the vessel arrived on Tuesday.

MV Lady Moana was carrying dried and nonperishable goods, including frozen goods earmarked for Christmas, along with motorcycles and other cargo to the northern group islands.

Puna Vano, Penrhyn executive officer, earlier told Cook Islands News that the island was “badly hit” by the incident, as they lost cargo worth approximately $90,000.


Roger Malcolm on 16/11/2023

It could happen again. More punishment for the outer islands as MOT goes into another prolonged investigation and once again deprives us of a needed shipping service. Make the investigation fast MOT. We feel like whipping boys when you wield your power.