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Enhancing boating safety in Aitutaki

Friday 27 October 2023 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Local, National, Outer Islands


Enhancing boating safety in Aitutaki
The Iceberg motor yacht crew have contributed to the Aitutaki Boating Education (ABE) organisation. Back from left: Shane Cronje, Captain Hans-Jurgen Arndt, Heather Lin Arndt, Mike Crothers Jnr, Beano, George and Tui Katoa. Front left: Paul Nelson, Misepa Isamaela (ABE secretary), Mike Crothers Snr, and Onu Hewett (ABE chairman). SUPPLIED/23202505

The Iceberg motor yacht and Flying Cloud sailing boat have both made generous donations to the Aitutaki Boating Education (ABE) while recently visiting the island.

Aitutaki Boating Education, a non-government-organisation (NGO), is committed to promoting a safer boating community and, with this contribution, will be able to allocate funds towards the start-up costs for Aitutaki Sea Search & Rescue.

During the recent search and rescue operation on the island on October 6 for two fishermen who were safely rescued, Iceberg’s captain Hans-Jurgen Arndt and his crew played an important role.

Onu Hewett, chairman of ABE, said the Iceberg team assisted with the search and rescue efforts utilising their onboard communications and radar systems to assist in locating the missing vessel.

Hewett said they also dispatched their tender to aid search efforts at sea.

“Their active participation in these operations showcased their commitment to the cause.”

Aitutaki Boating Education expresses profound gratitude to the captains and crew of Iceberg and Flying Cloud for their kindness and support as they work to establish this vital service for the island. 

The donations will help to purchase essential equipment such as communication devices and navigation tools.

Hewett said these funds will also enable the training of Aitutaki Boating Education volunteers, a crucial aspect of establishing this vital service for their island.

He would also like to thank Air Rarotonga’s Ewan Smith and pilots for their assistance in searching for the missing fishing vessel.

“Contributions to Aitutaki Boating Education will be greatly appreciated to achieve their goals, please contact the secretary Misepa Isamaela on if you would like to make a donation.”