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11 November 2022

Roster for the 2023 Paunu health clinics released

Monday 13 February 2023 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Health, Local, National


Roster for the 2023 Paunu health clinics released
Keanu Tupou-ote-Rangi Napa Iakimo and his mother visit the Kiikii Clinic Paunu. 23021021

Toddler Keanu Tupou-ote-Rangi Napa Iakimo and his mother visited the Kiikii Clinic Paunu Day run by the Cook Islands Child Welfare Association.

The baby check-up clinics were conducted around the island a week ago, starting the programme for 2023.

Paunu Day is where a child’s growth, development and general wellbeing is monitored, weight and height are assessed to track their health and development. 

The Cook Islands Child Welfare Association is one of the oldest non-profit voluntary organisations in the Cook Islands. The association was formed in 1933 by a small group of women who dedicated their time to helping clinical nurses throughout the wider community clinics.

It is currently the only non-government organisation (NGO) provider that solely focuses on children aged under five. The organisation also runs development programmes and workshops to improve the health and wellbeing of children and families.

The schedule for this year’s Paunu Days are as follows:

Odd Week: Tuesday – Matavera at Matavera Clinic, Titikaveka at Titikaveka Clinic, Tepuka Puna Nikao), Kiikii and Ooa at Kiikii Clinic; Thursday – Muri 1 at Matavera Clinic, Muri 2 at Titikaveka Clinic, Murienua (Kavera, Betela and Rutaki) at Kavera Clinic, Avatiu/Ruatonga at Avatiu Clinic, Tupapa/Pue (Puna Tupapa).

Fortnight Week: Tuesday – Tuarai (Puna Matavera), Vaimaanga at Titikaveka Clinic, Blackrock, Pokoinu (Puna Nikao), Tepiri/Takuvaine at Tepiri Clinic; Thursday – Turangi/Avana (Puna Matavera), Tikioki (Puna Titikaveka), Akaoa (Puna Blackrock), Rangiura (Puna Nikao), Tutakimoa (Puna Tupapa). Clinic opening hours from 9am to 11am.