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11 November 2022

‘Serious’ water shortage

Tuesday 29 November 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Environment, Local, National


‘Serious’ water shortage

Dear Editor, I was shocked to see water running in a pig pen a few days ago unattended and another today (yesterday) spilling onto the road within 200 metres of each incident.

Action was needed and quickly turned off the hoses.

Many families are struggling to cope (with a lack of water).

This is thoughtless stupidity on the part of some as it’s fast becoming a dire situation for many.

Saw a distressed cow on the side of the road because no water was available. Maybe a rope around the necks of non-caring culprits tied to a tree without water for the day would fit the punishment.

Caring for animals is a daily duty.

Thank you.

Jillian Sobieska.

Break in cases

This is always a sad part of the Xmas and New Year break – break-ins and other criminal activities during this time of the year. We must secure and protect our belongings in our households and also the accommodations on the island.

Our tourists should be warned to lock up their accommodations and beware of other areas of concern. Hopefully we will have a peaceful and quiet Christmas and New Year.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all. Kia Orana e kia manuia.

Tua Rangi Mokotua


Cost of living

Like the big countries, they create activities that keep people on the grid, where cost of living outweighs the average income and people will be that busy at work that they can no longer man the land and sea to have a secondary fall back in case the peanut change they work for don’t cover their cost of living.

(Most people dig themselves deeper by taking out a loan, which consist of interest. Banks’ plan)

Child centres will be open because parents time will be spent at work chasing that money and dream of a better life for their kids, unknowingly making their kids future worst off. Won’t be free either, more burden on your already short peanut change.

Rere Olly


Best thing to do is come out of the grid. Everyone’s goal right now should be to go strive to live without money which is possible in the Cooks because of so much land. All we need is food and water to survive. And the kids get the best life because they get to be with their parents and learn how to survive.

The world economy is about to crash and a cashless society is the new future. The elite will control everything! WEF (World Economic Forum) says we will own nothing and be happy! They’ve already told us our future!

Cheryl Marsters


Note – According to Reuters, the World Economic Forum does not have a stated goal to have people “own nothing and be happy” by 2030. Its Agenda 2030 framework outlines an aim to ensure all people have access to ownership and control over land and other forms of property.