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Partnering with traditional network to educate and raise awareness on Marae Moana

Saturday 9 October 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Education, Local, National


Partnering with traditional  network to educate and raise awareness on Marae Moana
The Marae Moana Outreach Team with the House of Ariki president Travel Tou Ariki and clerk Tupuna Rakanui earlier this month. SUPPLIED/21100801

The Marae Moana Public Outreach team were able to meet with the House of Ariki earlier this month to promote and raise awareness and education on Marae Moana. The visit was successful in highlighting the aims of Marae Moana and solidifying the partnership between the traditional network of the House of Ariki and Marae Moana’s different outreach initiatives.

Kauma’iti Nui, Travel Tou Ariki and the Otare Kura (Clerk) Tupuna Rakanui from the House of Ariki met with the Marae Moana Public Outreach team supported by Seacology.

The members present from the Outreach team were Tim and Lucile Meyer and Kora Petuela Kora, working alongside the Marae Moana ambassador, Kevin Iro, and Maria Tuoro from the Marae Moana Coordination Office.

The visit was a courtesy call on traditional leaders as key partners within the work of Marae Moana. The team felt that there are still many other opportunities to promote Marae Moana, to the children especially and to the general community.

Iro explained that “the team supports Marae Moana objectives by doing community outreach to schools and the community”.

“We started with Apii Te Uki Ou presentations and a few initiatives yet to come with this collaboration, to support Marae Moana,” added the Meyers.

The team have also managed to do a Kia Orana Podcast session with hosts Chantal Napa alongside Cook Islands Voyaging Society who are also part of this support from Seacology.

Tou Ariki welcomed the team and encouraged all to work together.

“We support the development of the Marae Moana so it is important that we keep working and together to push our objectives through for our people and country. As traditional leaders, we are always here to support and using our traditional network of Ariki and Aronga mana in the Pa Enua is key to this effort,” he said

The team will continue to liaise with the House of Ariki, as well as slowly make their way around to meet other partners in this space.