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Monday 19 December 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Education, Local, National


Manihiki schools unite for prizegiving
Ruamanu School students and their proud families at prizegiving day. Picture: ANNA RAURU/22121623

The two schools on Manihiki, the second largest island in the Northern Group, held their combined prizegiving awards together earlier this month hosted by Tauhunu.

In 2001, Manihiki’s Tukao School became the satellite school of Tauhunu School, operating under the management and leadership of principal Anna Rauru. In its simplest form, a satellite school is an education provider which operates under the management of an established school in the neighbouring vicinity.

Earlier this month, parents and families gathered together for the schools prizegiving events at Tauhunu Island Administration building where Giana Karaponga was awarded the Dux of Tukao School.

For Ruamanu School, the Overall Student of the Year award (Dux) went to Zicillya Tepano.

Rauru said the children performed items for the guests and enjoyed a kaikai after the official awards.

Tukao School Dux recipient Giana Karaponga and principal Anna Rauru. Picture: ANNA RAURU/22121621

Tukao School located on the islet of Tukao opened this year with a roll number of 24 students and Ruamanu School on the islet of Tauhunu started the year with a roll of 43.

Rauru was pleased and thankful for the support from the Tauhunu and Tukao communities and the new trophies for both schools sponsored by the Northern Island Trust.

She would like to say a “meitaki korekareka” to all the generous sponsors – Bank of the Cook Islands (BCI), the Tamuela Karaponga and family, McLeod Tradings, McLeod family, Baby BOSS – Tani and Maria Mussell, Ritia and Junior Charlie and family, Helina Williams, Ruamanu PTA, Tukao PTA and Vodafone for the vouchers.

Manihiki Schools 2022 prizegiving awards

Tukao School. ECE/Year 1 - Student of Year - Tamuela Karaponga. Junior School: Numeracy and Literacy Award - Utua Makira; Science Award - Utua Makira; Social Studies Award - Athanasio Karaponga; Runner-up - Athanasio Karaponga; Overall Junior Student - Utua Makira.              

Intermediate school: English, Mathematics and Science Awards - Frederick Williams; English, Mathematics and Social Studies Awards - Muriel Karaponga; Sports and Health Awards - Clesta Brown; 2nd Overall Student of the Year - Clesta Brown; Intermediate Overall Students of the Year - Frederick Williams and Muriel Karaponga.

Senior school Year 8: English and Mathematics Award - Ngatokorima Umurua; Maori and Culture Award - Isaac Samson; Social Studies Award - Kaina Karaponga; Life Skill Award - Cecilia Kaitara. Year 9  Enterprise On Line Award - Maria Pokipoki; Year 10 English, Mathematics and Enterprise Awards - Giana Karaponga; Year 11   Mathematics and English Award - Henare Charlie.

Tukao school Third Overall Student - Ngatokorima Umura; Second Overall Student - Henare Charlie; Overall Student of the Year - Giana Karaponga.

Ruamanu School. ECE/Year 1 Student of Year - Tina Williams, Runner-up - Delilah Tuatoru; Year 1 Literacy Maori Award - Junior Tepania, Year 1 Numeracy Award - Asher William, Special Year 1 Award for Most Improved Numeracy - Tohoa Toka, Ngatama Tapuni and Patrick Tangi. Year 3 Literacy and Numeracy Awards: Tiana Williams and Ariana Katuke, Most Improved Year 3 Literacy - Jackson Elikana, Most Improved Year 3 Numeracy - Mataora John; Year 4 Literacy and Numeracy Awards - Chrisna Johnson, Year 5 Literacy, Numeracy and Theme Studies Awards - Elroi Tuatoru, Year 5 Most Improved Literacy - Elijahless Wireless, Year 5 Most Improved Numeracy - Hinapae Elisa.

Junior School: Third Overall Student of the Year - Tiana Williams and Ariana Katuke; Second Overall Student of the Year - Chrisna Johnson; Junior Overall Student of the Year - Elroi Tuatoru.

Intermediate school: Year 6 English, Mathematics and Social Studies Awards - Vaine Katuke; Year 6 Science and Maori Awards - Rachelina Tangi; Life Skills and Sports Award - Heimata Uea; Year 8 English and Mathematic Award - Teinaki Nimeti. Special Inclusive Learning Students: Literacy - Comprehension Storyboard Award - Nitika Tangi; Numeracy Award - Oneroa Saitu; Most Improved Numeracy - Mayor John; Third Overall Students - Rachelina Tangi and Heimata Uea; Second Overall Student - Teinaki Nimeti; Overall Student - Vaine Katuke.

Senior school: Year 9 Online Science Award - Nga Elisa; Year 11 English, Mathematics, Science and Health Awards - Zicillya Tepano; Ruamanu school Overall Student of the Year - Zicillya Tepano.

Manihiki Schools Special Awards: Tukao School Local Food Ambassadors - Tuahine and Krystiana; Ruamanu School Local Food Ambassadors - Asinta, Tiana and Tina Williams; Tukao School Service Award - Cecilia Kaitara; Ruamanu School Service Award - Oneroa Saitu; Tukao School Sports Award - Isaac Samson; Ruamanu School Sports Award - Ngatokorua Elisa.