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11 November 2022

Cook Islands cracks down on junk cars

Wednesday 20 March 2024 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Environment, National


Cook Islands cracks down on junk cars
This vehicle was discovered abandoned in a taro patch in Rarotonga in 2022. 22111801

“Te Titā ki te Titā kore – Legacy Waste Collection” campaign towards a cleaner, more sustainable future continues to take action with its end-of-life vehicle (ELV) collection beginning next month.

The collection and removal of the ELVs on the island aims to address the growing number of complaints about unwanted cars and motorcycles on the island.

The National Environment Service (NES), in collaboration with Cook Islands General Transport (CIGT) launched Te Titā ki te Titā kore project last year.

It is aimed at tackling the environmental and health risks posed by the improper disposal of whiteware, electronic waste (E-Waste) and end-of-life vehicles in Rarotonga.

According to NES, Te Titā ki te Titā kore has successfully completed most of the designated collection areas (Puna) on the island that has resulted in the collection of over 100,000 kilograms of legacy waste.

Thirty containers, comprising of both 20-foot and 40-foot units have been exported to Aotearoa New Zealand, ensuring proper and sustainable waste management.

Based on the data collected from Takuvaine (TKV), and Ruatonga-Avatiu-Panama-Atupa, most of the e-waste gathered consisted of televisions/flat screens, speakers and computers.

Fans (ceiling/standalone) and fridge’s/freezers were the predominant items collected in the whiteware collection.

The fees for the ELV collection are as follows: Car, van, truck – commercial rate $450, private home $279; motorbike – commercial $40, private $16; bicycles - commercial $5, private $2; ride on mower – commercial $120, private 48.

Registration forms for collection are available online from the NES website or contact Mii Herman at or Jessie Sword at

After submitting your registration forms CIGT will coordinate the pickup arrangements.