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Tuesday 8 August 2023 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Education, National


‘Tired of being at home’: Students return to school with a smile
Apii Avarua Year 6 students are happy to be back at school for Term 3. MELINA ETCHES/23080717

As the morning sun finally made its longed-for appearance after so many days of rain, lunches and writing utensils were being packed, and uniforms thrown on as kids prepared for their first day back at school for Term 3, which will run for eight weeks.

After two weeks of busy school holidays, during which the 200th Arrival of Christianity celebrations and the 2023 Te Maeva Nui festival were held, all schools in the nation started their new term of studies yesterday.

Parents sighed with relief. Even though some were frazzled, they were delighted to deliver their little ones to their respective school grounds and to hear the sweet sounds of the school siren ring loud and clear, marking the start of classes.

Kids too were happy and relieved to be back at school. Apia Avarua students were running and buzzing around their schoolyard, smiling and happy with their classmates.

“I couldn’t wait for school to start again,” said a happy Year 6 student. “I’m tired of being at home. It’s boring, and it’s good to see my friends again.”

School buses are also back on their usual school runs. Motorists are reminded to slow right down where the school zones are marked for the safety of our children.

College students are also reminded to please fasten your helmets, slow your speed to the legal limit, and drive safely.